Last Updated 11 May 2023

Membership Rules

Spoke Safe Ltd maintains and enforces Membership Rules to make sure that using the units that we manage through our platform is as safe and enjoyable an experience as we can make it for all of our Members.

We reserve the right to terminate your Membership or booking immediately if you do not abide by these Membership Rules.

As a Member of Spokesafe and user of the spaces on our platform, you agree that you will:

  • Use your unique Personal Identification Number (PIN) or Access Device every time you enter a unit.

  • Keep your PIN or Access Device secret and not share it with or allow it to become known by anyone else.

  • Not allow any other person or bike to enter a unit under your Membership.

  • Not take photographs or videos on the premises or post remarks or imagery to the internet that could identify another Member without their permission.

  • Replace any equipment back into its place after you have finished with it.

  • Return any access cards or Access Devices at termination of your Membership.

  • Not leave your bike unlocked in any unit on our platform.

  • Not leave your belongings in a locker that is not secured by a suitable lock.

  • Use all facilities and equipment in a proper manner and not in a way that might cause harm to yourself or others or the equipment itself.

  • Not engage in any activity that may be potentially harmful to you or others including harm to personal property.

  • Not use, block or interfere with fire, emergency or disabled access doors or alarms (except in a genuine emergency).

  • Not behave in an aggressive, abusive, intimidating, anti-social or threatening manner or in a way that might cause distress to staff or Members.

  • Not obscure your face when using a space on our platform.

  • Come and go quietly so as not to disturb our neighbours.

  • Not park your bicycle in an unsafe or inappropriate location.

  • Put your litter in one of the bins we provide.

  • Not enter any of the premises on our platform whilst intoxicated.

  • Not engage in any type of criminal behaviour whilst on any of the premises on our platform.

  • Not sleep in any premises on our platform.Not cause damage to the premises or another Member's property.

  • Not misuse the vending machines.Not force entry to locked doors.