How to plan cycle journeys around London

How to plan cycle journeys around London


Community at Spokesafe


Community at Spokesafe

Ready to start cycling in London, but not sure exactly how to connect the dots between the various & confusing concoction of Quietways, Cycleways and Low Traffic Neighbourhoods?

Well, the wonderful Jon Stone has been hard at work compiling some of London's best cycle routes over at his Youtube channel, and has kindly let us share them with you all here. 

How does it work? Jon picks and plans a route, cycles it, and then provides commentary over it here

And the best bit? His routes utilise the best of the new cycling infrastructure in our city, showing you how to navigate between Low Traffic Neighbourhoods, quietways and everything in-between - all without touching a major cyclist-unfriendly junction. 

Below, we've compiled our favour videos which go past some of the current Spokesafe locations across London. But before we get started, you can check out a compilation map of all the routes Jon has ridden here (thank you to John Levermore for your public service!).

Spokesafe Angel

Islington -> Liverpool Street

Want to know a great way to get Liverpool Street without taking the plunge that is Old Street roundabout? Jon's starts his trip in St Peter's Low Traffic Neighbourhood, which is also where our Spokesafe Angel location is based. Taking you through the back streets of Hoxton, you'll then be guided over Old Street Road through a simple crossing, before utilising more back streets (which in some cases, are partially or completely closed to traffic) and finish up at Liverpool Street. 

Finsbury Park Cycle Hub

Finsbury Park -> Westminster

Starting less than 200m away from TfL's Finsbury Park Cycle Hub, Jon takes you through the wonderful Low Traffic Neighbourhood's of Highbury, with the first part of the route showcasing as a useful alternative for anyone who regularly commutes via Angel.

Some wonderful wizardry through the backstreets of Clerkenwell means that Jon directs you to Farringdon, all without going through a single major road. You'll now find yourself on one of the better pieces of cycling infrastructure in London, Cycleway 6, which takes you towards Blackfriars. 

The final section of this journey is a trip along Embankment, enjoying the view of the River Thames, before Jon deposits you safe and sound at Westminster. 

Spokesafe Waterloo Lower Marsh

Waterloo -> Bank

This is one we personally use on a regular basis. It takes 2 minutes on the bike from our secure bike lockers to get to the Waterloo Road starting point, and then Jon takes you to City of London the entire way through segregated bike lanes and quiet roads. There might be quicker ways to do this route, but great if you're just starting out, or you just want an incredibly chilled ride!

London Bridge Cycle Hub

This route is actually incredibly helpful to anyone who passes through Central London on a regular basis, as you'll trade in some busy roads and junctions for a quieter, more relaxing experience. Enjoy some great examples of segregated bike lanes as you move from Bloomsbury to Clerkenwell & Farringdon, utilising Cycleway 6. Up and over Blackfriars Bridge is followed by some quiet streets in Southwark, before you are pleasantly dropped off at London Bridge (and no more than stone's throw from the London Bridge Cycle Hub).

Not too shabby right? Give Jon's channel a follow here for the latest updates. 

Got any great routes to our locations, or around London more widely? Let us know in the comments below!